Mission & History


The Boston Irish Business Association's (BIBA) mission is to help its members create and foster meaningful business relationships, while offering a dynamic platform for companies looking to gain brand exposure for their products and services (both locally and in Ireland). The organization provides value to its members and member organizations through enabling business and professional growth among a diverse network of people who are looking to retain and strengthen their connection to Ireland.

Our History

Originally established in Boston in 1990 as ICCUSA the group grew quickly, attracting some of the US's most successful entrepreneurs, business men and women. With members drawn from all sectors of commerce and industry it flourished to become the most vibrant chapter of the national organization. In 2004 the group restructured to facilitate expansion.  This resulted in the decentralization of operations from ICCUSA's national headquarters in New Jersey and a merger with the Boston based Irish Networking Society (INS). ICCUSA New England membership was doubled through its 2004 union with The INS.  ICCUSA was formally re-launched as the Boston Irish Business Association in 2009 to give our organization autonomy and allow us to better concentrate on helping our members grow while developing and maintaining the ties we have diligently created over the past 20 years.

Our Partners

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